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RCK World Music: Chicago Manual of Style

Chicago Style Information

Note:  Turabian is a simplified version of the Chicago style intended for use by undergraduates. 1  It's especially useful in history, as it gives good guidance on how to cite a variety of primary source materials.  Its use of footnotes provides  opportunity for discussion of the sources used as well as their description in the form of a citation. 

Turabian Citation Guide Overview

From the University of Chicago Press.  A variety of examples are included, identified as N (note), B (bibliographic entry), P (parenthetical reference), and R (reference list).

Style Guide Turabian Format

From Utah Valley College Writing Center.  Five page pdf gives the format for writing a paper as well as citation help.

Turabian Citation Style Guide

From the Ohio State University Libraries.  Divided into information about citing articles, books, electronic resources, and other. 

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