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SHB Search@UW: Home


This guide introduces you to Search@UW, a handy research tool which allows users to access thousands of  library resources from a single search interface.  

Search@UW: what you need to know

This guide includes the following:

The Basics:    What, Why and  When of Search@UW.

                        The importance of signing in!

                        An introduction...the video.

Content:        What you get (and what you don't.)

Limiters:   Using scopes and facets for more effective searching.

Searching:  Helpful tips to know.

                     Advanced searching.

                    Search@UW's "Did you mean?" feature.

Your Account:   Signing in.

                            Saving your searches.

                            Checking due dates and status of requests.

Requests:    Borrowing items from other campuses.

Problems:    Where to report issues.




Search@UW Introduction

Search@UW - Everything Search

Simply type in some keywords and hit search!