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RCK Career Resources Online: Home

This guide covers most aspects of career resources : exploring careers, resume writing, interviewing, etc...


Career Resources Overview

This guide can assist with many aspects of careers, such as :

  • learning about particular career choices (Exploring Careers tab),
  • how to find jobs (Finding Jobs tab),
  • how to write resumes, CVs, and cover letters (Resume Writing tab)
  • advice on interviewing skills (Interviewing tab).

If looking for a job, this guide is more focused on strategies as opposed to giving you lists of websites with job offerings. By creating and following a strategy to finding a job you are more likely to be successful in your searching. Learning how to find a job a year or two before you actually will be looking helps with such things as: career planning, course selection, and volunteer or part-time job opportunities. This guide is intended to serve as additional resources to books that can be obtained in your library.