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WSH ENG 101 Bias in the News: Home

Assignment guide for compare/contrast paper on news source bias.


Media bias is the term used when a person or party with a particular view believes a news or media outlet is purposely presenting information with a more favorable slant to those with differing views on a particular topic. Often times, the argument occurs between people who affiliate themselves with more Left-leaning political beliefs and those who affiliate themselves with more Right-leaning political beliefs, and politicians will often claim media bias is working against them.

President Harry Truman coined the term “one-party press” during his 1948 presidential election campaign. By “one-party press,” he was implying that because most newspapers had endorsed his opponent (Thomas E. Dewey), their bias also showed up in their news stories.

This guide is intended to help you find information in various news sources and determine if bias is present.

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