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FDL CHE155: Finding Books & Articles in Search@UW


To search for Books, Articles, and Media, click on the link above -- this takes you to the Library Catalog.

Enter your search terms into the text box

Keep in mind that if your keywords do not yield the results you are looking for, you may need to change your keywords!  You may need to provide a more general term to get more results, or you may need to use more scientific terms to yield results that are more technical.

Limiting Results

Once you enter your search terms, you will get a list of results.

You are able to limit the number of results using different factors: date, type of resource, etc. 

Viewing an Article

To view an article, select the link underneath the article's title that says "Full Text Available."


This will take you to a list of Library Databases that have the article in full text.

You can select any of the databases listed.


Requesting a Book

If you find a book that is relevant to your research, but not AVAILABLE at our campus, you can easily request it.

First, check that this book is available.  If it is, click on the term Available.


This will take you further down to the page where it lists the libraries that own the book. If Fond du Lac is not listed, you can request the book by clicking first on "Sign-in" then login using your University Username/Password.


Once you are signed-in, you can request the book by selecting either "UW Colleges Request" OR "UW System Request."


Then, you select a Pickup Location (Fond du Lac) and click on "Colleges Request."


You will get an email when your book has come in to the Library (usually 3-4 business days).