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WSH Forensic Anthropology LEC 100: Overview

A guide to help students discover current research articles pertaining to forensic anthropology.

Basics of Forensic Anthropology

Wikipedia is not scholarly...

Wikipedia, although good for background research, is not an authoritative source in academic writing. 

We have all heard of the doubts cast on Wikipedia's accuracy and authority, but the real reason for not using Wikipedia citations is that, as an encyclopedia, it is not an appropriate source for scholarly writing.  The characteristics of an encyclopedia are much more like a "popular" article than a scholarly one.

Topics in Forensic Anthropology

It's important to think of a variety of keywords or topics in your field.

  • Forensic Anthropology
  • Forensic Anthropology/case studies
  • Human Decomposition
  • Postmortem changes
  • Human anatomy
  • Race/ancestry
  • Human remains
  • Craniometry
  • Bone/skeletal biology

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