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MAN Manual for Student Assistants: Welcome!

Policies and procedures for student assistants at the UW-Manitowoc library.


 deskWelcome to the UW-Manitowoc library!  We are happy that you have joined the staff.  Students are key to the success of our operations.

A student worker is the first person that visitors see when they enter the library.  You will ​be meeting--and helping--students, staff, and members of the faculty at UW-Manitowoc.

They depend on you to be helpful, reliable, efficient, and courteous. 

This LibGuide is designed to help you achieve top-quality (Bodacious) service.

  • It accompanies the training you receive as a new Student Assistant.
  • It also serves as a reference for the policies and procedures you need to be familiar with throughout your employment here.

Refer to it as much as needed; often the answers you are looking for can be found right here. Do not be shy to ask any member of the library staff for further assistance or clarification.

Thank you for joining us.  We are confident you will enjoy working on the UW Manitowoc Library team!

The Superhero Supervisors

Anthony Sigismondi
​aka "Cap"
(920) 683-4718
Jared Koch
aka "Flash"             
(920) 683-4715