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In their honor

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About this day...

"Veterans Day is always observed officially on November 11, regardless of the day of the week on which it falls. It is the day set aside to thank and honor ALL those who served honorably in the military - in wartime or peacetime. In fact, Veterans Day is largely intended to thank LIVING veterans for their service, to acknowledge that their contributions to our national security are appreciated, and to underscore the fact that all those who served - not only those who died - have sacrificed and done their duty."--From the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs.

Remembering by famous words

"Valor is stability, not of legs and arms, but of courage and the soul." -Michel de Montaigne

"Courage is almost a contradiction in terms. It means a strong desire to live taking the form of readiness to die." -G.K. Chesterton

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." -John Fitzgerald Kennedy

"How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!" -Maya Angelou

"When our perils are past, shall our gratitude sleep?" -George Canning

"We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude." -Cynthia Ozick

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