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New Library Employee Guide: Information & Resources

Information and links to resources for new library employees

General Information & Resources

Welcome!  As a new library employee, there are many library-related resources that you will want to be aware of and information that will help you make your transition to the UWC Libraries.  If you have trouble accessing and of these resources, or have additional questions, please contact the LSS Director.

  • Alma:  ALMA is the UW-System-wide library services platform.  Many directions for using Alma can be found in the BINDER on TAP. Alma Knowledge Base (KB) contains UW System policies, procedures, and training. 
  • Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries (CUWL) email lists: These lists are designed to keep you informed about System-wide issues and decisions.  Some of the lists have closed memberships, but many are open to all library staff.  Click here to learn more and to sign up for the lists that you are interested in. 
  • Copyright: UWC Libraries Copyright page. Note there is more copyright information under the tab “Copyright” on the top part of the page. UW System’s Copyright page also contains useful information.
  • CUWL Wiki:  The CUWL wiki has information on CUWL governance decisions, Shared Systems, and other CUWL Committee information.  Some of the pages are locked down to committee members.
  • ILL Contacts:  a list of all UW staff responsible for interlibrary loan.  Use this to contact specific library staff at a partner institution when you have an ILLiad realted question.  If you have a general ILLiad question and are looking for input from more than one staff member, you can email the Colleges ILL email list:  or the CUWL ILL list at
  • Libguides: We have an A-Z Databases Libguide, a Databases by Subject Libguide, and many more campus-created Libguides. If your position requires you to edit Libguides for your campus, but you don't yet have permissions to do so, contact the LSS Director.
  • Library FAQs & Information:  This is a Libguide that we created for CASE Associates, but that all library staff might find useful.
  • LibraryH3lp:  LibraryH3lp is our chat reference service.  Academic librarians are set up with an account and will receive an automated email with login instructions.   We have a chat best practices document available on TAP.  UW-Madison helps us with after-hours chat services from 5pm -11pm, Sunday -Thursday, excluding academic breaks.
  • Records Management:
  • Resource Sharing Contacts:  A list of all UW staff responsible for ALMA Resource Sharing. Use this to contact staff at a partner institution when you have an ALMA Resource Sharing related question.
  • Search@UW: Search@UW is our System-wide discovery layer providing access to our online catalog, databases, and digital collections.
  • SCLS: The SCLS site contains information on "red box" van delivery routes, shipping labels, and also how to report items that are lost in transit.
  • TAP:  TAP is the UWC Libraries' Sharepoint site where we keep everything from ALMA and ILLiad directions (in the BINDER), to UWC Library Council (LC) documents, and everything in between! 
  • UWC Libraries home page:  From here you will find links to our LC committee list, Campus Policies, UWC Libraries' contacts, LSS information and contacts, and the UWC Libraries Blog.
  • UWC Library email lists:  Library Support Services (LSS) will add you to all of the UWC Library email lists that your position requires. 


Other UWC Resources:

UWC's Employee Page:  This page includes links to HR pages, copyright policies, assessments, Senate/Governance documentation, and more.

UWC's Marketing Resource Page:  You find UWC and campus logos here as well as the UWC Brand Book and letterhead.

UW Library Acronyms

AL: Academic Librarian.

BAAS: The UW Colleges' Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences degree. 

CASE:  Center for Academic & Student Engagement.  CASE Associates normally work out of the campus libraries.  We have a Library FAQ's and Info. Libguide made especially for CASE Associates here.

CDC: Collection Development Committee, a CUWL Coordinating Committee that manages System-wide collection development and resource sharing policies as well as the Shared Electronic Collection (SEC).

CITS:  The UW Colleges' Central Information Technology Services office.

CUWL: Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries; the governing body of the UW System Libraries.  See their Wiki here.

D2L: Desire to Learn course management software. 

EG: Expertise Group; subgroups of CUWL Shared Systems.  The EGs are responsible for making decisions about system-wide configurations, and recommendations for campus-based decisions, in the following areas:

--Discovery/Fulfillment (D/F)

--Shared Contend (SC)

--Technical/Data (T/D)


EREC:  The Library Council's Electronic Resources Evaluation Committee.  Members are responsible for evaluating current, shared, e-resources that are up for renewal, and also review and recommend new resources to the Council.  The Council votes on renewals and additions to the shared e-collection.  More information can be found here.

IG: Interest Group; subgroups of the EG's, the IG's meet and make recommendations to the EG's.  Interest groups are in areas such as archives, acquisitions, ILL, etc.

ILL:  Interlibrary Loan.  We use ILLiad to process all article requests (both UW & non-UW), and loan requests that are outside of the UW Library System.

IMOC:  The Library Council's Interface Management & Organization Committee.  Members are responsible for the look and usability of patron and staff facing library systems.  

LC: Library Council; the governing body of the UW Colleges Libraries.  Full LC Committee List, LC Guidelines & ReportsMinutes etc. (on TAP)

LSA:  Library Services Assistant

LSS: Library Support Services. 

PO: Purchase order. 

RS:  Alma Resource Sharing.  This is what we use to share books between the Colleges and the 4-year UW's.

SCLS: South Central Library System; SCLS operates the “red box” van delivery service. 

SEC: The UW System Shared Electronic Collection. 

SS: Shared Systems; a CUWLCoordinating Committee that manages Alma, Primo, ILLIAD, and the patron processing that supports those systems for CUWL.

UW: University of Wisconsin made up of 27 campuses. 

UWC: University of Wisconsin Colleges the 14 2-year campuses throughout Wisconsin. 

UWEX: University of Wisconsin Extension provides information and assistance in agriculture, family finance, parenting, nutrition, community development, gardening and other topics through offices in all 72 Wisconsin counties and three tribal nations. 

UWS: University of Wisconsin System made up of 13 4-year universities, 14 freshman-sophomore UW Colleges and UWEX. 

WAICU: Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, the private academics in the state. 

WAAL: Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians a division of WLA. 

WEMA: Wisconsin Educational Media Association. 

WiLS: Wisconsin Library Services; the state OCLC affiliate and a centralized state library agency through which we license several electronic resources and receive supply purchase discounts; the WiLS Board is made up of representatives from member institutions from UW System and the state’s public libraries and private academic libraries, one member of which is a Colleges representative. 

WISDM: Wisconsin Data Mart, the “financials” interface for the PeopleSoft accounting system. 

WLA: Wisconsin Library Association. 

YBP: The academic division of Baker & Taylor.  The Colleges’ main book vendor. Their main acquisitions platform is called GOBI.

Who Should I Ask?

Have a question but not sure who to ask?  Here are some basic guidelines:

General onboarding: Visit your campus administrative specialist (CAS) in your campus main office. From the CAS you should get:

  • keys
  • parking pass (if needed)
  • travel card application
  • forms (I9 - bring along two forms of ID like your driver's license, social security card, and/or passport.
  • direct deposit information

Time and Absence Reporting:  Contact your immediate supervisor.  (If you are an LSA, this is the head Academic Librarian in your library.  If you are an Academic Librarian at one of the campus libraries, then the Executive Director of Libraries is your immediate supervisor).

Benefits & Payroll:  Visit the MyUW system portal. You should receive a benefit package from central HR with forms to fill out for your health insurance, retirement, life insurance options, long term care options, income continuation insurance and credit union information. It is very important that you turn in your insurance selection within 30 days of starting or you have to wait until the next open enrollment period (October). The portal is where you will see your biweekly (LSA) or monthly (librarian) earnings statement.

Computer or other technology issues: Start with your CASE Associate.  If they are unavailable, you can also contact Central IT (CITS) through their webform.

Travel & Professional Development: The libraries has a Professional Development & Service Committee. You can find the PD application materials on TAP under the PDSC committee documents. There are also brown bag webinars recorded in this folder for additional training opportunities. All travel information can be found on the UW System travel portal. 

Contact LSS for the following:

* Passwords and login information

* Training, trouble shooting, purchasing as needed for Acquisitions (Alma, EBSCOnet)

* Training/trouble shooting with systems and tools (Alma, Search@UW, ILLiad, LibraryH3lp Chat, and LibGuides)

* Centralized Purchasing and Cataloging

* Barcodes and security labels

* Contact for WILS Conferences and meetings

* Database maintenance and inquiries

* Setting up subscription trials and requesting quotes

* Questions about weeding and inventory

* Circulation inquires (policy, reserves, etc.)

* Serials/standing order subscriptions

* Interlibrary loan borrowing request support

UWC Libraries Email Lists

These lists can be used to reach selective groups within the UWC Libraries:

UWC-Academic Librarians

UWC-Copyright Committee

UWC-Interlibrary Loan

UWC-Library Council (all library staff)

UWC-Library Council Assessment Committee

UWC-Library Council BAAS Committee (Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences)

UWC-Library Council EREC (Electronic Resources Committee--use this to recommend a database or give feedback on a trial)

UWC-Library Council Executive Committee (use to request that items be added to LC meeting agendas)

UWC-Library Council IMOC (Interface Management & Organization Committee--use to make e-resource usability suggestions)

UWC-Library Council Information Literacy Committee

UWC-Library Council Professional Development & Service Committee

UWC-Library Council Selectors

UWC-Library Council Service Assistants

UWC Library Support Services (LSS--use to report e-resource issues, ask questions about acquisitions, cataloging, Alma, & Search@UW (Primo))


And there are also many CUWL (Council of UW Libraries) listservs that you can join.