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WSH Using NoodleTools: Home

Creating a NoodleTools Account

IMPORTANT: You must create your NoodleTools account on a campus computer!!!

  1. Start at the UW-WC Library Page (
  2. Hover over "Research" in the top left and click on "Citation Help." Then click on the NoodleTools link at the top of the list.
  3. Click Create Personal ID.
  4. Complete the form by filling in a user name and password.
    •   Hint: Your username and password can be the same as your e-mail log-in if you prefer.
  5. Fill in the Log-in Retrieval information.
  6. Click Register.

 After creating your account, you will be able to use NoodleTools on your laptop or from home.

What is NoodleTools?


NoodleTools is a fill-in-the-blank form to help you create a Works Cited page to accompany your essay, speech or report, and to help you create electronic “note cards” to keep track of details, quotes, paraphrases, etc. as you are researching. 


There are several different citation styles that you can use.  Modern Language Association style (MLA) is used by the English Department on campus.  The American Psychological Association style (APA) is used by several instructors on campus.  Always check your syllabus to see which style is required by your instructor.

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