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WSH PSY 360: Child and Adolescent Development: Intro

Topics covered

  • Selecting and refining your paper topic

  • Scholarly vs. non-scholarly resources

  • Finding print resources

  • Finding online articles in databases and web

  • Searching the web effectively

  • Evaluating sources


Welcome to the LibGuide for PSY360 Child and Adolescent Development at UW-Washington.

Here you will find information on narrowing your topic, locating useful academic-level information, and evaluating and citing sources. Check back here to refresh your memory on any topics that were covered in your PSY360 Library sessions.


Please keep in mind this LibGuide is one way to access the resources you need for this class. All of these resources (and more) are also located on the UW-WC Library homepage.    

Library staff is always here to help, so please don't hesitate to ask us in person, via chat or email!

The UWWC Library Website = Research Portal

UW-WC Librarians