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UW Rock County Library

Kim Cook
Library Director
608-758-6565 ext.440

Beth Webb
Assoc. Academic Librarian
608-758-6565 ext.430

Julie Orvis
Library Services Asst.
608-758-6565 ext.420

Supporting Classes

Your local campus librarian can help you by supporting your classes.  Here are just a few ways librarians can support instruction:

  • Host a Library Instruction session

  • Create an Assignment Guide

  • Host Reserves for your class

  • Purchase library materials

Contact your local librarian!

Information Resource

UW-Colleges Librarians are information professionals and are here to help.  We are available to assist with research questions, in person, by phone, email or online chat. Email us individually or at :


Search at UW

click here for Search@UW

 What is in Search@UW?

Search@UW is a one-stop solution for the discovery and delivery of local and remote resources, such as books, journal articles, and digital objects. Search@UW assists libraries in exposing the richness of their collections and engaging users with an up-to-date discovery and delivery experience.

Assignment Guide/Library Course Pages

Many times students are overwhelmed with the amount of information available to them.  Your local librarian can create an Assignment Guide or Library Course Page to help guide students to the more relevant library resources they should use for an assignment or in your class. 

Assignment Guides are typically focused around a particular research paper or assignment and look similar to this guide. 

Library Course Pages or LCPs are subject guides, which host the most common resources for the subject of your class.  They are created by default but can be customized by class.



Reserves are supplementary readings or materials that faculty choose to make available for their classes.  Usually the items are an article or book chapter that is either required or suggested course reading. 

Most libraries will have a reserve request form for you to fill out for each item on reserve.  Check with your librarian to see that your materials are considered "fair use" and in copyright compliance.

library instruction

Librarians are available to lead library or research instruction sessions for your class. Contact the library to set up a session. Usually, sessions are focused on a topic or specific research assignment. Librarians typically cover topics such as:

  • How to search the library catalog
  • How to use the library databases
  • How to search for scholarly materials
  • Evaluating Sources
  • Citation Help
  • Tips and Tricks for research


Library Hours

Fall 2017/Spring 2018

Mon-Thurs : 8 am - 7:30 pm

Friday: 8 am - 5 pm